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Westcott 6894 2400w 2-Light Spiderlite TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit

F.J. Westcott Company

Westcott 6894 2400w 2-Light Spiderlite TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit


The Team here at 3D HD Gear Loves the Westcott 6894 2400w 2-Light Spiderlight TD6 Perfect Portrait Kit as it gives the Director many ways to use light to their advantage in their story telling.  For instantce in Shallow depth; The 30% reduction in depth compared to a standard softbox provides a greater punch of light.

Perfect with fluorescents
1/4-Stop Front Diffusion.
Designed to be a perfect fit with our Spiderlite TD series, the 38" x 48" Shallow Softbox features a 1/4-stop front diffusion front compared to a standard full-stop diffusion front. When combined with the soft diffused nature of the fluorescent lamps, it provides just enough diffusion to make the light soft while still offering a punch of light to create depth and dimension with specular highlights.

Shallow depth
This softbox provides a beautiful light source when paired with fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps are diffused in nature and therefore need less room for light to travel to become diffused and soft in nature.

Small size, big output
Create separation & depth.
The included 40-degree Egg Crate Grid for 12" x 36" Stripbank are made up of cells that control off axis light in four directions while maintaining the soft quality inherent in a large light source. They allow you to create separation & depth such as a hair light where you want to control just the light going onto the hair in order to separate it from the background. Additionally, as light is focused into a forward direction through use of an egg crate grid, it can help to eliminate spill light or lens flare.

Eliminate spill & flare
Small size, big output.
These small lamps pack a punch with over 1200 equivalent watts of power per light head.

Perfect for photo & video
With today's technology, most cameras can capture amazing video as well. These constant lights are the perfect solution for anyone doing both photo and video as they are powerful enough to freeze action, and pure enough to capture amazing quality and color with video.

True daylight color
Here at Westcott, we only offer the best. After scouring the market for the perfect lamp, we decided the only option was to create our own. This lamp is custom-produced to true daylight color temperature. Don't settle for imitations that can shift color up to 400-degrees Kelvin.

Long lasting results
Unlike photofloods that only last up to 60 hours, these lamps are rated for over 8,000 hours of consistent performance and color.

Adjust light output.
Three separate controls allow the ability to adjust light output, without changing color temperature. With an adjustable rheostat, every time adjustments are made, color temperature can shift greatly. By utilizing these switches, your color stays constant which means you are only white balancing your camera once! (Each switch controls 2 lamps)

All metal construction.
The Spiderlite TD6 is constructed of all-metal, no plastic to break.

Built in adapter ring.
No need for additional brackets as this unit incorporates a built in adapter ring. Simply insert the soft box rods into the four openings. For easier set up, one softbox rod insertion point is cut out at the top. This allows the last soft box rod to simply slide into place.

Two cases in one
Travel with ease.
This compact case is designed to easily wheel up to a 4-light kit anywhere. The handle simply pulls outward allowing you to wheel this case just as easily as you can wheel luggage.


  • 2400 watts of daylight power
  • Cost savings bundle
  • Our most popular portrait kit
  • What you see is what you get lighting
  • Perfect for photo & video

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