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Ward-Beck QSP2/D Mini Cue Speaker -1 Digital Audio Input on 3-Pin Terminal Block

Ward-Beck Systems (WBS)

Ward-Beck QSP2/D Mini Cue Speaker -1 Digital Audio Input on 3-Pin Terminal Block


The QSP2D is a cost effective audio monitor system for AES digital signals. Individual level controls for channels 1 and 2 are located on the front panel. A pushbutton switch allows the user to select STEREO or MONO operation. In the STEREO mode, the channel 1 level control varies the volume of both channels. In the MONO mode, the channel 1 and 2 level controls each regulate the level of their respective speakers independently. A convenient front panel mounted TRS headset jack is also provided. The speaker feeds are normalled through this jack and will automatically mute the speakers when a headset is plugged in.

Connections to the QSP2D are made on a convenient pluggable screw terminal connector on the rear panel. The QSP2 is equipped with an internal power supply that employs a high quality toroidal power transformer in order to eliminate stray fields and consequential interference with devices such VTRs and video monitors. An IEC break away power cord simplifies installation and removal of the device, especially in mobile applications.


  • Low cost dual (stereo) monitor
  • Stereo or independent channel level controls
  • Headset jack on front panel for listening in noisy environments
  • Low stray field emissions


  • Digital Audio
  • Input Voltage - 0.2-7V p-p
  • Nominal Input Level - -20dBFS
  • Input Impedance - 110 Ohm, balanced
  • Sampling Frequency Range 30kHz to 50kHz
  • GeneralPower Requirements 115V AC/60Hz 25VA, or 230V AC/50Hz
  • Dimensions 19? w x 13/4? h x 103/4? d (483mm x 44mm x 273 mm)
  • Weight 4.5kg (10 lbs)


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