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Variable Switchable Delay Line 0-11 Nanoseconds

Variable Switchable Delay Line 0-11 Nanoseconds


All the Video Delay Lines in the VAR Series are designed specifically to provide for infinitely small delay adjustments from 0 to their total delay. This is accomplished by the use of a continuously variable small delay added to their larger binary toggle delays.

Unlike other units on the market, these units introduce very low video distortion due to the continuously variable delay adjustment. Combine this feature with their low insertion loss and you have a unit with unparalleled specifications, that everyone in the video field will find very useful.

  • Impedance :75 Ohms
  • Pulse distortion: less than 3% with an input pulse rise time of 20 nanoseconds
  • Working Voltage: 100 volts maximum
  • Return Loss: 20dB or greater whichever is greater.

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