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TYCO Insertion Extraction Tool


TYCO Insertion Extraction Tool


Multipin Crimp Tool KitDesigned to streamline the assembly process, the Whirlwind crimp tool and locator easily attaches MASS pins and sockets to the wire ends. Contacts then load into the MASS contact blocks from the rear and are easily removed by inserting the extraction tool into the wire hole which expands the spring fingers of the retention clip. The ends of the tool are color-coded (red for insertion and white for extraction) for at-a-glance identification.
  • MASS Crimp Components:
  • M1R-TOOL KIT includes crimper, locator and 2 insert/extract tools
  • M1RPIN Crimp type male (pin) contact
  • M1RSKT Crimp type female (socket) contact
  • 91067- 2 Insertion/extraction tool

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