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A high quality Image of TV One 1T-TBC-GL Time Base Corrector With Genlock

TV One

TV One 1T-TBC-GL Time Base Corrector With Genlock


TV One 1T-TBC and 1T-TBC-GL Time Base Correctors

1T-TBC is an ultra compact, high performance Multi-Standard Time Base Corrector designed to correct for time base errors in videotape playback or to correct for instability in most video signals. An integral Digital Processing Amplifier provides all the necessary adjustments to the video parameters. Black with color burst is sent to the output when the input video is not present. Composite and S-Video inputs and outputs are provided. Vertical Interval Lines 17 thru 21 are passed through to insure Closed Captioning, Vertical Interval Test Signals or other information is undisturbed.

1T-TBC-GL provides all the features of the 1T-TBC and adds a Genlock feature that enables the incoming video signal to be synchronized to an external video source if desired.

TV One 1T-TBC & 1T-TBC-GL Key Features:

  • Multi-standard for World TV Systems
  • Full Frame TBC
  • Comb Filter Decoding of the Video Input
  • Integral Video Processor for Adjustments
  • Genlocks to System Reference (1T-TBC-GL)
  • Passes Vertical Interval Lines 17-21

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