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TV One 1T-DA8SV 1x8 S-Video Distribution Amplifier

TV One

TV One 1T-DA8SV 1x8 S-Video Distribution Amplifier


Video Distribution Amplifier
TV One-Task Series Video Distribution Amplifiers are ultra compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements for signal distribution. Two 1x8 models are available for Composite Video: the 1T-DA8CVB with BNC connectors and the 1T-DA8CVR with RCA connectors. The 1T-DA8SV is a 1x8 S-Video (Y/C) DA with 4-Pin Mini-DIN connectors. Video Bandwidth of 100MHz insures these products will provide multiple video outputs that are identical to the source signal. They are 12VDC powered and a small In-Plug Power Adapter is included. For best performance, use high-grade output cables such as our professional Z-Plus type.

Key Features
  • Ultra Compact, High Performance Unit
  • 100MHz Video Bandwidth
  • 8 Outputs, Composite of S-Video
  • Rugged Metal Case
  • Locking DC Power Connector for Security

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