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Tommy Tape Self Fusing Silicone Tape 30 Mil 2In. Widex36FT Roll Clear

Tommy Tape Miracle Wrap

Tommy Tape Self Fusing Silicone Tape 30 Mil 2In. Widex36FT Roll Clear


Amazing Tape Creates a Permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in Seconds!

Tommy Tape - widely known as Miracle Wrap - is the most versatile and easy to use emergency repair tape available. This self-fusing silicone repair tape has infinite uses. Just stretch it and wrap it under tension and Tommy Tape will bond to itself permanently in seconds. Use it to repair and waterproof video and audio cables and connectors, leaks on plumbing and hoses, use for electrical wiring or as shrink wrap, wrap tool handles, use it in place of shrink tubing and much, much more. It may also be used in home repair, marine and RV use, automotive repair, outdoor use, sporting equipment and indoor/outdoor electrical. Remember our Cold Fusion Shrink Tape? Tommy Tape is the perfect replacement.

2" Industrial Tommy Tape is awesome for major electrical wiring and waterproofing cable connectors. In daily use on film and broadcast sets and remotes for insulating and waterproofing connections. Ideal for sets in moisture prone areas or wet-sets such as Survivor type reality shows and films like Into the Blue or Blue Crush.

At a 30 mil thickness and 12,000 volt per layer insulation, it's excellent in plumbing and marine RV use as a solution for all heavy duty industrial applications and emergencies. It really does the job. Best of all the roll is 36 feet long!


  • Self-Bonding .02" (20 Mil) thick
  • Works in a -65?o +500?-54?260?
  • UV Resistant
  • Withstands Salt Water, Fuels and Acids
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Minimum Tensile Strength of 700 PSI
  • Rated at 400 VPM (20 mil = 8000 volts)
  • Creates a Permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in seconds!
  • Unbelievably long shelf life!
  • Wrap tools and handles for a nice non-slip grip
  • Replace that gooey, sticky electric tape! It's waterproof - perfect for protecting exposed connections.
  • Wrap wiring harnesses and custom split-looming
  • Use it as an emergency fan belt!
  • Make emergency O-Rings

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