Switchcraft E3FSCB E Series 3 Pin XLR-F Solder Contacts Silver/Black

Switchcraft E3FSCB E Series 3 Pin XLR-F Solder Contacts Silver/Black

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Switchcraft E Series Q-G 3-Pin Female XLR Receptacle

E Series Q-G® Receptacles are available with quick release inserts. Quick insert release is accomplished by turning screw lock from front of insert. Insert can then be removed from the rear. For PC board applications, insert can be removed/assembled to the housing while soldered to the PC board.

E Series receptacles can be specified as complete assemblies, or as separate inserts and housings. Stocking separate inserts and housings offer considerable cost and time savings by minimizing inventory and maximizing configuration possibilities.


  • Replaces Neutrik D Series
  • 3-pin contact; male and female types
  • Both male and female fit in same panel cutout
  • Choice of 4 terminations; solder cups, conical springs, straight or right-angle PC terminals
  • Inserts and housings can be specified separately
  • Quick release inserts for ease of removal
  • Locking receptacles
  • Protected ground clip minimizes scooping damage
  • Insert lock detent resists disassembly from shock or vibration during normal handling and transportation
  • Silver and gold-plated contacts available
  • Rugged metal shells; black or satin nickel finishes
  • Through-the-shell ground connection and all-metal shells for greater shielding effectiveness
  • Compatible with Switchcraft Q-G®, QGP and other connectors with similar configurations