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Rolls MA2152 Mixer-Amplifier

Rolls Corporation

Rolls MA2152 Mixer-Amplifier


MA2152 Mixer / Amplifier
The MA2152 is a two rack space mixer amplifier designed for restaurants, schools, churches, clubs etc. The unit provides a compact and efficient way to mix up to three sources such as AM/FM tuners, CD players, and video players with up to two microphones. Priority talkover is provided on Microphone One for paging, and on Source Three for a jukebox, telephone, etc. The power output section may be connected to 4, 8, or 16 ohm speakers, or directly connected to a 70 volt system without the need for additional transformers. Several configuration options are possible including full stereo, mono 70V, dual mono 25V, etc..

  • Two Microphone inputs with phantom power
  • Tone controls for each Mic input
  • Three stereo Source inputs
  • Bass and Treble controls on Sources One and Two
  • Priority ducking on Mic One and Source Three
  • Stereo pre-master level Record Output
  • Fault protected power amp
  • Amp will drive 25 or 70 volt lines directly
  • FR4 Double-sided epoxy circuit board
  • Socketed ICs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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