Redco G5-1210HD Heavy Duty Apple G5 / Intel Mac Pro Rackmount

Redco G5-1210HD Heavy Duty Apple G5 / Intel Mac Pro Rackmount

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Redco Mac G5-1210HD
Mac G5 Vertical Rackmount Frame with Rear Rack Ear Support

Redco, an innovator in custom rack and cabling solutions, has designed a rack mount for the Apple Mac G5 that is both efficient and cost effective. The G5-1210HD allows one (or two) G5 chassis to be rack mounted standing upright. Redco's vertical rack mount for the G5 is made of 16 and 11 gauge black powder texture coated steel, is easy to install and requires no modification to the G5 case.

This frame takes 12U of rackspace, the same amount needed by the G5 case itself.The bottom shelf has a depth of 20.5"

Creative in design, the space to the right or left of the G5 can either support computer peripherals like external hard drives, CD or DVD burners, etc. Or, you can vertically mount up to 5 1U rack mount devices (very convenient for ProTools users), thus making full use of the extra space!

    The G5-1210HD Vertical Rack mount Features and Benefits
  • Heavy-duty 11 and 16-gauge steel construction
  • 5 usable vertical 1U rack spaces
  • Securing clips for front and back legs assure stability for mobile applications
  • Sliding Rear Support Ears for added stability
  • Requires no modification of the G5 case
  • Dimensions: 12U height for standard 19" equipment racks
  • Can hold two G5s side by side
  • Includes clips to mount one unit only - for additional mountin clips order G5-CLIPS-HD
  • Three possible mounting positions for a single G5 (left, center or right)
This NEW, IMPROVED version of our G5 Rackshelf now includes Wider Securing Clips (see closeup below) to hold the G5 chassis securely onto the shelf bottom. This allows the unit to be used for mobile applications, as well as stable studio environments.

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