RDL RU-VA2 Dual Adjustable Video Attenuator - BNC

RDL RU-VA2 Dual Adjustable Video Attenuator - BNC

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Radio Design Labs RU-VA2 Dual Adjustable Video Attenuator - BNC

The RU-VA2 is the optimum choice where connectorized, rack-mounted video attenuation is needed. This unit features two separate, passive isolated channels. A single input jack is provided for each attenuator. The output jack is intended to be connected to a 75 Ohm terminated load. A front-panel knob is provided to adjust hot video levels down to the normal 1 volt p-p signal level. A single attenuator is capable of adjusting down the video level to half the incoming signal level.

In situations where excessive video levels may cause input overload artifacts, the RU-VA2 is easily connected to the circuit and adjusted for proper video levels. With the high density 1/3 rack width of the RACK-UP series, an RU-VA2 can be conveniently added to a rack so it is available when needed.

RDL RU-VA2 Features:
  • Video Attenuation
  • Two Channels
  • Front-Panel Level Adjustment
  • Stand Alone or Rack-Mountable
  • 75 Ohm Attenuators
  • 1/3 Rack, High-Density Rack Mounting

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