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Rane Memory Recall Switch

Rane Corporation

Rane Memory Recall Switch


The MRS 4 provides a simple solution to recalling Memories from a remote location for products having an MRP (Memory Recall Port) or a VIP (Versatile Input Port).

The MRS 4 is intended for use in Normal mode, allowing up to four Memories to be recalled by contact closure. These are radio buttons: engaging one button (in, changing to green) causes any of the other three to disengage (out, changing to black). Space is provided next to each button for labeling. Consult the Operators Manual of the connected Rane equipment for details on Memory recall functions. The MRS 4 works with any of the Drag Net RPM Series Processors.

Use a Lowell LD8-RMP or a LD9-RMP to rack Rane Decora remotes in a rack.

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