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PS55 12V/5Amp 70 Watt Switching Power Supply


PS55 12V/5Amp 70 Watt Switching Power Supply


The Perfect On-Board AC Power Supply for Today's Camcorders and Cameras!

This lightweight switching type 5.5 amp power supply works with 100 volt - 240 volt A/C and features an attached 6 foot 4-Pin XLR female cord. IEC standard connector on the power supply allows for easy adaptation and overseas use (US standard input cord included).

Green LED power light illuminates when plugged in.Made with high quality parts for a lifetime of durable performance! Its small case pumps out 12 volts, up to 5.5 amps @ 70 watts. Automatic built in surge protection will auto reset when unplugged.

Perfect for S-VHS, Mini-DV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, M-II, DVC-PRO or any format camera! This will work with most any camera or portable VTR that uses the 12 volt 4 pin XLR. Use it for small PVM series monitors, lights or whatever! This is a perfect and affordable alternative to more expensive power supplies, why wear out your batteries on a shoot?

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