Primacoustic London 12A 10x12 Ft. Acoustic Room Kit (Grey)

Primacoustic London 12A 10x12 Ft. Acoustic Room Kit (Grey)

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Primacoustic Broadway studio kits have been developed for typical rooms with dimensions that are common in both residential and commercial construction. These easy-to-use kits contain everything you need to address room problems such as primary reflections, flutter echo, standing waves and excessive bass. Room designs follow a variant of the LEDE concept (live-end, dead-end) whereby the source or transmit section of the room has greater dampening while the receive section is sparsely treated in effort to retain natural room ambiance.

Each Broadway kit includes a selection of acoustic panels, the corresponding mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation. Broadway panels are made from high density 6lb per-cubit-foot fiberglass panels for upwards to five (5) times greater absorption than offered by typical low cost 1.3lb foam alternatives. This means that you get more absorption with less panels on the wall while assuring a more even absorption curve throughout the frequency range.

Broadway panels are completely encapsulated with micromesh on both front and rear surfaces and the sides are resin hardened to create sharp looking architectural lines. The panels are then covered in a durable fabric and offered in choice of three esthetically neutral colors that will easily adapt to the most demanding interior designer needs. For those that have extra artistic flare, the panels may be covered with any breathable fabric without compromising the acoustical performance. Broadway panels have been tested to meet stringent Class-1 fire safety requirements making them suitable for use in public places.

Panel mounting is of paramount importance, especially when you decide to relocate the panels to another room or change your work space. Primacoustic Broadway kits come complete with easy-to-mount impalers that screw onto the wall surface on which the panels hang. Unlike foam that is `permanently' mounted using invasive glue, Broadway panels can be removed without having the wall surface completely redressed by a drywall specialist when you decide to make a change. Clean up is simply a matter of filling the holes and repainting. And you can still use your Broadway panels afterwards!

Broadway kits present a high performance solution that is attractive, affordable and easy to manage!

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