Plenum HDMI Cable Male to Male with Ethernet 75FT

Plenum HDMI Cable Male to Male with Ethernet 75FT

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HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the industry supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface. HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as set-top box, DVD player, A/V receiver and audio/video monitors, such as digital television (DTV,HDTV) or plasma Monitor.

HDMI is small, user-friendly interconnect that provides up to 5 Gbps of bandwidth to support high-definition video plus multichannel audio in single cable. HDMI eliminates the cost, complexity and confusion of multiple cables used to connect current audio/video system.


  • Simple, user-friendly connector that replaces the maze of cables
  • For High-Definition video (720p and 1080i) or standard video formats
  • Bandwidth up to 5 Gbps



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