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PC-100 AC Power Adapter


PC-100 AC Power Adapter


PortaCom is a flexible, high performance wired intercom built smart and simple so it won't knock a hole in your budget. For the price of many single channel systems, PortaCom gives two channels, delivering powerful, low-noise, broadcast quality sound. The PortaCom system tailors to your needs as it is expandable to fit your situation. Two channels offers the advantage of extensive communication, so you won't get tangled in crosstalk. A director can cue cameras or talent on one channel and a lighting or sound crew on the other channel. Coaches on offense can call plays at the same time their defensive coaches are reviewing strategy, while the head coach communicates back & forth with both of them.
The main components include a power console, belt packs and headsets. Station-to-Station communication is made using standard microphone cable with 3-pin XLR connectors. The PC-100 power console has four outputs and can be expanded and configured in a variety of ways using the B3-100 branch boxes. Start with a basic two person system and expand step by step all the way up to a 20 person system - all running from a single AC power supply over standard mic cable.

PC-100 Power Console
The PC-100 has a power switch, an AC power input, and four 3-pin XLR output jacks. It can power up to 20 BP-100 belt packs over a combined 2,500 feet of cable.

BP-200 Belt Pack
The bottom of the BP-200 has a female 3-pin XLR female input (line) connector and 4-pin XLR male headset connector. The top features a volume control switch (for adjustment of the individual headset, not the system) and an A/B switch. Power is supplied via the line cable connected to the PC-100.

H-200 and H-200S Headsets
Both the H-200 (dual earpiece) and H-200S (single earpiece) headsets are equipped with NEW noise cancelling microphones that reduces background noise for clearer communication.

1. Plug headset connector into 4-pin XLR on belt pack.
2. Plug AC adapter into standard 110V AC outlet and it's output connector into the PC-100.
3. Using standard mic cables, connect BP-200 belt packs to the PC-100 power console in desired configuration as detailed in previous specification.
4. Turn PC-100 switch on.
5. Adjust headset boom so mic is close to mouth.
6. Adjust headset listening volume on belt pack.
7. Use channel switch to select between channel A and B.

All COM Systems Include: PC-100 Power Console, H-200 Dual Earpiece Headsets, CC-15 Standard Carry Case, BP-200 Belt Packs and EX-50M 50 Ft. Extension Cables. (Included Belt Pack & Extension Cable Quantities are Equivalent To Number of Headsets and Branch Boxes in System).

All COM-FC Systems Include: PC-100 Power Console, H-200 Dual Earpiece Headsets, BP-200 Belt Packs (equivalent to number of headsets) and CC-15F Deluxe Carrying Case with Foam Inserts. (No Cables Included).

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