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NTI Audio MR-PRO Minirator Audio Signal Generator

NTI Americas

NTI Audio MR-PRO Minirator Audio Signal Generator


NTI MR-PRO Minirator Audio Signal Generator

MR-PRO Analog Audio Generator provides a complete set of analog audio test signals for the most demanding audio professional. In addition to all MR2 features, MR-PRO adds load impedance and phantom voltage measurements, user wave files, higher performance and cable test capability. Hand-held, using battery or external DC power supply, the generator offers a complete range of capabilities for a professional.

    The generator provides:
  • Low distortion sine wave (10 Hz - 20 kHz)
  • Selectable output levels (0.08mV - 6.0V RMS) in dBu, dBV, V;
  • dBFS, % for stored waveform only
  • Sine wave stepped sweep down to 1/12 octave steps with programmable step speed
  • White noise
  • Pink noise
  • Polarity test signal
  • Delay test signal (w/ AL1)
  • Chirp signal (continuous sine sweep)
  • Mute
  • USB port for loading custom (.WAV) waveforms
  • Measuring and monitor balance, load impedance and phantom power voltage
  • Testing XLR cable in loopback mode or using optional cable test plug connected at the far end
  • Outputs: RCA (unbalanced) and XLR (balanced) connectors

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