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NTI Audio MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter

NTI Americas

NTI Audio MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter


NTI MR-PRO 70V/100V Protective Adapter

Protects Minirator MR-PRO against accidentally applied voltages during impedance or power testing at distributed 70V/100V speaker systems.

The adapter includes bidirectional crowbar limiters andtwo fuses. The fuses will be blown if high voltagesare accidentally applied, thus protecting the MiniratorMR-PRO output against damages.

The MR-PRO 70V/100V ProtectiveAdapter does not prevent users from cominginto touch with high voltages. In somefailure cases, e.g. one fuse blown, parts ofthe MR-PRO may carry hazardous high voltage(e.g. USB interface, RCA connector).

Use the following fuse type only:500mA/250V Fast, 5x20mm.Using any other fuse type than specifiedmay cause damages or malfunctions of theMR-PRO, which are not covered by NTIswarranty terms.

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