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Motu HDX-SDI Video Interface with ExpressCard34 for Laptop Computers


Motu HDX-SDI Video Interface with ExpressCard34 for Laptop Computers


Motu HDX-SDI SDI / HDMI / Analog Video Interface for Mac and Windows

Please Note: - Support for Premiere Pro on Windows is coming soon. Check with MOTU direct for complete Windows installer package when it becomes available. This download will contain everything you need to run the HDX-SDI with Premiere Pro on Windows.

Add comprehensive, professional video capture and monitoring to your Mac or Windows computer with support for uncompressed HD and SD, Apple ProRes, and many other popular workflows.

With the blazing speed of PCI Express, the HDX-SDI video interface turns your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation equipped with all the I/O you need.

Connect any source, from SD camcorders to today's latest professional HD cameras, then log and capture HD or SD clips directly into your video editing software.

For the best-possible image quality, capture uncompressed video via HD-SDI or HDMI with 4:2:2 10-bit color depth and full-raster 1920x1080 HD resolution. Many cameras feed their uncompressed SDI, HDMI or component output directly from the camera's optics and imager, before compression, for absolutely pristine picture quality during capture with the HDX-SDI.

If you prefer to edit more conveniently at a lower data rate, use Apple ProRes, ProRes HQ or the codec of your choice in Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Because the HDX-SDI delivers 10-bit uncompressed video to the computer, you are not limited to a particular codec and are instead free to go with the host-based workflow of your choice, including many popular file-based formats now supported by today's video editing software.

By using a codec directly supported by your editing software, you eliminate unnecessary extra stages of compression and decompression for maximum CPU efficiency and smooth editing.

As you edit, monitor your timeline with pixel-for-pixel accuracy on a large plasma screen via digital HDMI output, with color-corrected balance on an LCD reference monitor via HD-SDI output, or with the real-world look of a consumer display via analog HD or SD component, composite or S-Video output.

Capture and monitor up to 16 channels of audio (analog, AES/EBU or embedded) at sample rates up to 96 kHz. Employ Sony 9-pin machine control for advanced Batch Capture and Edit to Tape operations. Keep everything frame-accurate using time code and video reference.

For high-performance desktop operation, the HDX-SDI provides PCI Express card connectivity for today's ultra-fast, multi-core Mac and PC towers. Need to go mobile? The HDX-SDI is also available with an ExpressCard adapter for any current-generation Mac or Windows laptop equipped with an ExpressCard slot.

From initial capture to final finishing, the HDX-SDI delivers exceptional video I/O performance and quality.

Feature highlights
  • HD/SD PCI Express video interface for Mac and Windows - provides HD and SD capture and playback for any current-generation PCI- or ExpressCard-equipped computer.

  • Tower or laptop operation - connects to a Mac or PC tower via PCI Express for ultra-fast operation, or connects to a laptop via ExpressCard connectivity for mobile operation.

  • Comprehensive video capture & monitoring - supports all standard SD and HD video formats up to and including 1080p30 (720p, 1080i, 1080p & 1080PsF).

  • Cross-platform software support - supports Apple Final Cut Pro on the Mac and Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows.

  • Captures and plays uncompressed HD and SD - 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth and 1920x1080 resolution.

  • Support for ProRes and other popular codecs - capture and monitor full-raster (1920x1080 or 1280x720) Apple ProRes, ProRes HQ or other popular host-based codecs supported by Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Support for file-based workflows - lets you capture, edit and monitor in any codec supported natively in Final Cut or Premiere, with no transcoding needed.

  • Broadcast quality - 10-bit 4:2:2 signal path throughout.

  • ASC CDL color grading - provides flexible, industry-standard color adjustment with separate settings for capture and playback.

  • HDMI capture and monitoring - provides both HDMI in and out.

  • Sync and machine control - advanced sync features include time code, large front panel time code display, video ref input and 9-pin machine control.

  • Comprehensive audio - capture or monitor up to 16 channels of audio via any two 8-channel banks of TRS analog, AES/EBU digital or embedded (SDI or HDMI) at sample rates up to 96kHz.

  • Single rack space form factor - professional rack-mount operation, or remove the rack-mount brackets for convenient desktop use.

  • International operation - auto-switching internal power supply with powersave mode.

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