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Miranda UAP-1783 8 Channel Universal Audio Processor

Miranda MTI

Miranda UAP-1783 8 Channel Universal Audio Processor


Miranda UAP-1783 8 Channel Universal Audio Processor
The UAP-1783 is a high quality, 24 bit universal audio processor that can process up to 8 discrete channels of audio. Inputs comprise Mono/2 Stereo analog channels as well as 2 AES. Outputs are analog (4 Mono/2 Stereo) and 2 AES. The actual I/O combination depends on the rear panel installed.

The UAP-1783 can be used as a standalone audio processor for discrete audio signals or can be combined with a wide range of video Analog to Digital, Digital to Analog video converters and digital frame synchronizer proc/amps. When working in conjunction with a video card the audio cards process embedded audio channels that have been de-embedded and can be re-embedded into the video signals. Two audio processing cards can be combined together to process a total of 16 audio channels. When combining any two cards together, all audio processing is synchronous and in-phase ensuring proper alignment and matched delays. A ribbon connector carrying audio, timing signals and Metadata links the video card with the audio card(s).

The audio processors feature two distinct processing blocks: Input and Output. The input processing includes gain, video tracking delay, additional amount of delay and phase correction. The output processing block includes mixing, an additional gain/attenuation stage and full channel shuffling. The 2 or 4* channel mixing block is particularly powerful allowing each output channel to be composed of a mix of any 2 or 4 input channels. This provides capability for stereo to mono downmixes, voice-overs, Descriptive mixing and custom-mix operations.

Dynamic processing is offered as an option for all channels. The dynamic processing gives the user a 16 channel audio compressor/ limiter/expander that can be adjusted as individual or grouped channels.

Upmixing and downmixing are also offered as an option to the standard configuration. The upmixing function allows the user to create a 5.1 audio from a stereo source. The upmix offers 3 preset configurations (Speech, Music & Movie) as well as custom adjustments of all parameters to create your own configuration. Metadata is generated for the 5.1 audio as per user settings.

The downmixing function will create a Lt Rt, Lo Ro, custom Lt Rt or custom Lo Ro from a 5.1 audio. Multiple parameters are available such as DialNorm, Line compression and RF compression. Metadata is also used for downmixing and regenerated at the output.

* 4 channel mixing/summing on even output channel mixers

  • 8 channels of audio processing (phase, tracking delay, fixed delay, gain)
  • Analog and digital audio inputs/outputs
  • High-quality 24 bit D to A and A to D conversion on analog I/O
  • Full channel shuffling and 2 & 4 Channel mix/sum
  • Works as standalone audio processor or in conjunction with other processing cards (video or audio)
  • Audio metering data for audio levels and phase over IP
  • Dolby™ E compatibility
  • Balanced AES3 or unbalanced AES3-id outputs
  • -96 to +12 dB of level adjustment (by 0.5 dB steps)
  • 0 dBFS programmable analog (0 to +24 dBu, 1 dB steps) level mapping
  • Internal EBU tone generator
  • Silence detect and overload detection and reporting
  • Optional dynamic processing; compressor, limiter, expander
  • Optional upmix/downmix with Metadata

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