Miranda DVI-RAMP2 Graphic to HD/SD Video Interface

Miranda DVI-RAMP2 Graphic to HD/SD Video Interface

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Miranda DVI-RAMP2 Graphic to HD/SD Video Interface

Miranda's DVI-Ramp 2 performs live extraction of computer graphics to generate HD/SD video for post-production, broadcast and digital cinema.

The DVI-Ramp2 is a DVI to HD/SD video interface which can operate in one of the following four modes:

  • Single Extraction - Pixel-to-Pixel
  • Single Extraction - Scaling
  • Dual Extraction - Pixel-to-Pixel
  • Dual Extraction - Fill & Key (using external keyer)

In Single Extraction - Pixel-to-Pixel mode, the DVI-Ramp2 can process up to 16 bits per component when Dual Head or Dual Link DVI is used. With the Dual Extraction - Pixel-to-Pixel mode, the 2 channels are supplied using a Dual Head DVI connection to two SDI outputs resulting in 2 seperate video streams. Pixel-to-Pixel extraction enables the highest possible quality by eliminating any perceptible scaling artifacts.

In Single Extraction - Scaling mode, a sizeable and positionable window is used to specify which section of the original PC graphic image will be scaled up or down to fit the targeted SDI resolution. Built-in Anti-Flicker circuitry eliminates most of the flickering when the SDI output is interlaced.

In Dual Extraction - Fill & Key mode, the DVI-Ramp2 can process and supply Fill & Key signals to an external keyer using up to 12 bits per component for professional, high-resolution color depths. Fill and Alpha (key) graphics content are provided by the PC through the 2 DVI inputs of the unit (Dual Head operation). DVI should be genlocked preferably.

The unit can be externally synchronized with an analog reference (SD or HD) or can free run on its internal frequency-accurate time base.

For convenience and flexibility, configuration and control of the DVI-Ramp2 can be done via USB, RS-232 or Ethernet. Firmware updates are performed by USB or RS-232 only.

The DVI-Ramp2 is packaged in a free-standing case, suitable for installation on a desk. Two units can be installed side-by-side on a 1 RU tray for rack mounting, using TRAY-120.


  • Graphic to HD/SD video interface with four operating modes to suit a particular application
  • Built-in Scaler
  • Up to 16-bit per component over 2 DVI channels for high-resolution color depths
  • Genlockable onto an external analog reference signal (SD or HD)
  • Platform/OS independent
  • External-to-the-PC design: will not consume any precious CPU/GPU cycles for the PC to perform video processing.
  • Rack-mountable (half-rack unit) or desktop use