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Miranda ASI-Bridge Cam HDV to ASI Converter

Miranda MTI

Miranda ASI-Bridge Cam HDV to ASI Converter


Miranda ASI-Bridge Cam HDV to ASI Converter

Miranda's new ASI-Bridge interface accepts HDV via an iLink connection and converts it to standard MPEG-2/ASI format. The ASI-Bridge is ideal for HDV news gathering, and can be used to convert HDV directly to ASI without the need for a costly HD MPEG Encoder.

The ASI-Bridge also allows direct MPEG-2 recording using DVHS for cost effective on set dailies. The use of ASI cabling from the camera means the dailies recording device can be located further away from the camera.The compact interface mounts discretely between an HDV camcorder and a tripod, and accepts power from the camera battery or from a dedicated in-line power supply.

  • Affordable, high quality HDV to MPEG-2/ASI interface
  • Ideal for direct transmission of HDV news footage, as well as easy on-set recording of dailies using D-VHS.
  • HDV input by IEEE-1394 (iLink, Firewire) connection, and output by MPEG-2/ASI co-axial
  • Compact, camera mounted design
  • Powered by camera battery or dedicated in-line power supply

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