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Mipro MRM-70 UHF Diversity Receiver Module Frequency 6A

Mipro Electronics

Mipro MRM-70 UHF Diversity Receiver Module Frequency 6A


MRM-70 is a wireless diversity receiver module fitted for MIPRO's MA-705, MA-707, MA-808 portable PA systems and MA-909 wireless mixer. It can also fit other PA amplifiers, mixers, active powers, signal processors and other karaoke players. Its innovative wireless features and performance add value to these systems.

UHF band and PLL technology are utilized to avoid the often congested VHF band. Diversity and advanced circuitry are incorporated to eliminate signal dropouts and random noise interference.

To install simply follow the simple wiring diagram. Ascertain the main unit has an ideal reserved slot to be fitted. Align the edge connector and wired accordingly. Fasten the two screws in place when done.

Key Features

  • UHF diversity receiver. 16 automatically scanable frequencies with ACT functions.
  • Press the "ACT" button to automatically upload the receiver frequency to the transmitter.
  • Once the frequency has been set, the data is stored in memory, meaning that the frequency is set until it is changed by performing the "ACT" function again, even after powering off.
  • Bright and easy-to-read LED displays numeric channel and RF & AF strengths.
  • Receiver "Sensitivity" level can be sensitivity adjusted to overcome interference.
  • Reliable true diversity reception with dual "PiloTone & NoiseLock" circuit prevents interferences.
  • Output level and dynamic range accurately pre-adjusted to equal the microphone capsule's sensitivity, thus ensuring optimal performance of the system. ( 1.5dB tolerance)
  • Modularized design allows easy installation, maintenance and DIY. Simplicity, reliable and affordable traits make it an ideal accessory.

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