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MIPRO MA-101a Personal Wireless PA System with ACT - Frequency Set 6B

Mipro Electronics

MIPRO MA-101a Personal Wireless PA System with ACT - Frequency Set 6B


Don't be misled by the compact size of this highly efficient portable, personal PA. Lightweight, battery operated and ultra powerful, it can be carried via the built-in handle, on a shoulder strap or mounted on a mic stand. Ideal for classrooms, presentations, paging applications, fire fighters, law enforcement, search & rescue squads, tour guides and playground duty.
MIPRO MA-101a was introduced to worldwide marketplace 11 years ago (1998). In recent years we have seen a growing counterfeits and look-alike from questionable brands that are made-in-China. Inferior counterfeit products may not meet legal requirements in terms of materials, workmanship, and safety. Other concerns are inferior sound quality, limited wireless operating range, durability issue and no warranty will be provided.

Requires ACT-707HE (6A) - Cardioid Condenser Handheld Transmitter Microphone (Freq Set 6A) or ACT-707TE (6A) - Body Pack Transmitter (Freq Set 6A).

  • Powerful 42-watt for loud, clear sound projection.
  • Lightweight, compact design-Just 3.1kg.
  • 8 hours continuous use per charge.
  • Built-in UHF 16 selectable channels.
  • Industry's only AutoScan and ACT channel set-up technology.
  • Same wireless microphone broadcasts to multiple MA-101a for expanded coverage (same channel) or up to 16 compatible systems at same venue (different channels).
  • 100-meter (300 ft) operating range'line-of-sight.
  • Line-input accepts external CD/MP3/DVD player.
  • Line-output for external recordings.
  • Built-in storage compartment.
  • For crowds up to 200.
  • Receiver Channels - Built-in UHF 16 channels
  • AF Power Output - 30W(rms)/4?, 42W(MAX)/4?
  • T.H.D. - <0.1%
  • Frequency Response - 60Hz'15KHz
  • Speaker - 5-inch, full-range
  • Audio Inputs - Mic-in & Line-in jacks
  • Power Supply - Built-in 12V/2.9AH rechargeable battery, charger & 100'240V AC switching power supply
  • Charging & Operating Time - 8 hours continuous use per 4 hours charge (automatic charging management)
  • Dimensions - 160(W)x178(H)x285(D)mm / 6.3(W)x7.0(H)x11.2(D)"
  • Weight - 3.1kg / 6.8lbs
  • Exterior Color - Black
  • Approvals & Patent - New style patents; Telecom and safety regulations approved
  • Matching Transmitters - Optional ACT-707HE, ACT-707TE
  • Matching cabled microphone - Optional MM-107
  • Note - Varied specifications on carrier frequency range, maximum deviation, RF output power and spurious emission to comply regulation of different countries
  • 7AJ002 (MB30) Replacement Rechargeable 12-volt, 2.7AH Lead-acid Battery
  • MS-30 - MA-101 Tripod Microphone Stand
  • SC-10 - MA-101 Storage & Carry Bag

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