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Midlite Double-Gang Almond Split-Port Cable Pass Through Plate

Midlite Corporation

Midlite Double-Gang Almond Split-Port Cable Pass Through Plate


The new patent pending "SPLITport™" plate provides the technician the freedom to install the plate after the cabling is connected. No matter the width of the connector, RGB, VGA and the new HDMI and DVI cables you just assemble the "SPLITport™" around the cables and fasten to the backless electrical box.

The "SPLITport™" saves a lot of time and provides even a closer wrap around the cabling. No more wrestling with inserting and aligning the screws through cables, feeding each cable through the hole, disconnecting cables to feed another cable through, or using other plates with large holes to fit the connector.

The "SPLITport™" plate is designed with keyed tab features to structurally withstand pulling and pushing of cables as the installer organizes them for a neat "dress out presentation".

Installing the "SPLITport™" plate is easy. Install one half and then the second half, all while the cabling is held or lying naturally out of the way, or just assemble around the cables and slide into position and secure to electrical box.

Hole Size: 1.8" Dia
Hole Area: 2.45 Sq. In

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