Maxell BR-HD-LC Blu-Ray HD Disc Lens Cleaner

Maxell BR-HD-LC Blu-Ray HD Disc Lens Cleaner

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If you're searching for an efficient, safe way to increase the performance of your Blu-ray or HD-DVD player, look no further. The Maxell BR/HD-LC Blu-ray/HD-DVD Lens Cleaner is a unique cleaning disc that utilizes Wind Funnel cleaning technology to ensure the removal of dust and other airborne particles from your player's lens. Wind Funnel technology is designed to safely clean the lens without using harmful chemicals or brushes.

The fully interactive BR/HD-LC disc features equipment performance tests, audio and video tests, and interactive on-screen instructions are offered in multi-languages. In addition to Blu-ray and HD-DVD players, this versatile cleaning disc is also compatible with XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 systems.

Wind Funnel Cleaning Technology:
It is a high-reliability disc with Wind Funnel cleaning technology. As the disc is rotating, it's capable of generating an air stream in a circular motion, which safely removes dust and other contaminants on the lens.

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