Matrox DUALHEAD2GO VGA Dual Monitor Image Stretcher

Matrox DUALHEAD2GO VGA Dual Monitor Image Stretcher

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Turn your laptop into a productivity powerhouse Using patent-pending technology, Matrox proudly delivers the world's first commercially available multi-display upgrade of its type, bringing DualHead capability to your laptop or desktop computer. The revolutionary new Matrox DualHead2Go external multi-display upgrade is not a graphics card, but rather a palm-sized box that sits outside of your system. DualHead2Go takes the existing single monitor display output (i.e. external VGA output) from your system and expands it into dual display outputs, allowing you to run your Windows desktop at up to 2560 x 1024 resolution stretched across two displays. Using DualHead2Go in conjunction with the built-in display of your laptop, you actually benefit from 3 displays at a time.

Each display can be used to view different information. You can surf the internet on one display and write email on the second, or view photo albums and zoomed photos at the same time. Keep your toolbars, menus and palettes on one display, and enjoy working on full-page documents on the other. Or stretch a large spreadsheet across two displays and view more information without wasting time scrolling and opening & closing windows. You can see more, do more, be more productive. The included Matrox PowerDesk software seamlessly manages window positioning and message pop-up.

With DualHead2Go, you no longer have to sacrifice productivity when using your laptop. DualHead2Go turns even the most ultra-portable laptop into a full PC replacement. If you want to use your laptop as your main computer and avoid the extra time and effort needed to synchronize data with a second desktop computer, you are no longer confined to a tiny display area. DualHead2Go creates a cost-effective, space saving, multi-display docking station for your laptop or tablet.

DualHead2Go harnesses the native graphics hardware already present in your system for all 2D, 3D and video drawing. There is no loss of image quality or speed on your system. The more powerful your existing graphics, the more powerful your DualHead2Go multi-display environment.

Matrox DualHead2Go is an affordable, highly portable, easy-to-use solution, perfect for the office, mobile workstation, home or on the go.

IMPORTANT: Please Check the Compatibility List Prior to Ordering to Make Sure Your Video Card Is Supported.