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Matrix Switch MSC-5-1616 16x16 VGA Video Routing Switcher

Matrix Switch Corporation

Matrix Switch MSC-5-1616 16x16 VGA Video Routing Switcher


Matrix Switch MSC-5-1616 RGBHV/VGA Wide Bandwidth 16x16 Switcher

Exceptional performance, electrical reliability and mechanical integrity all delivered in this compact unit!

An ideal solution for command and control centers, homeland security monitoring, emergency response centers and large multi-screen venues. With its wide bandwidth and ultra-low crosstalk technology, the MSC-5-1616 produces artifact-free images at any image resolution including QXGA. The unique design using multi-layer circuit boards, combined with shielding between all signals on each layer, assures ultra low crosstalk and signal uniformity with any crosspoint combination.

By using HD-15 connectors for all inputs and outputs the MSC-5-1616 requires half the rack mounting space of many competing systems. The rugged mechanical design of the MSC-5-1616 switcher, combined with the compact size, make it an ideal fit for a wide range of applications including the rigors of the staging and rental industry.

The MSC-5-1616 employs a flexible and user friendly control system using a simple and logical RS232 ASCII protocol which is currently supported by a number of third party control companies. Each system also has a built-in web page that will run on any platform and with any web browser thereby eliminating the risk of potential software and OS compatibility and system performance issues experienced with systems that use GUI software.


  • Compact design
  • Wide bandwidth - over 250 MHz
  • High resolution - VGA through QXGA
  • Exceptionally low crosstalk
  • 16 VGA/RGBHV input
  • 16 VGA/RGBHV outputs
  • HD 15 I/O connectors - save space and eliminate breakout cables
  • Vertical interval clean switch
  • Flexible RS232 and Ethernet control
  • Built-in webpage control

  • Frame size: 19"W (Rack Mount) x 3.5"H (2RU) x 14"D
  • Power: 90-230 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 22VA
  • Storage Temp: -20 Through +80 Deg C
  • Operating Temp: 0 Through +40 Deg C
  • Humidity: 0 Through 100% Non-Condensing
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labor

Video Specifications
  • RGB input impedance: 75 ohms +/- 1%
  • RGB input return loss: > -35 dB at 5MHz
  • RGB nominal input level: 1V P-P
  • RGB maximum input level: 1.8V P-P
  • RGB I/O coupling: DC
  • RGB output impedance: 75 ohms +/- 1%
  • RGB output return loss: -35 dB at 5MHz
  • RGB nominal output level: 1V P-P
  • RGB gain uniformity: < +/-0.5%
  • RGB frequency response: +/-0.1dB to 10MHz +/-3dB to 100 to 250MHz
  • RGB crosstalk: < -60dB at 5MHz < -40dB at 50MHz < - 25dB at 100MHz (with all inputs and outputs active)
  • HV input impedance: 75 ohms ±1%
  • HV input return loss: > -35dB at 5MHz
  • HV nominal input level: 2V P-P
  • HV maximum input level: 6V P-P
  • HV I/O coupling: DC
  • HV output impedance: 75 ohms +/-1%
  • HV output return loss: > -35dB at 5MHz
  • HV nominal output level: 2V P-P
  • HV maximum output level: 4V P-P
  • HV gain uniformity: < +/-0.5%
  • HV frequency response: +/- 0.1dB to 10MHz +/- 3dB to 50MHz
  • HV crosstalk: < -50dB at 5MHz < -30dB at 20MHz

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