Manfrotto 804RC2 Basic Pan Tilt Head w/ Quick Lock

Manfrotto 804RC2 Basic Pan Tilt Head w/ Quick Lock

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Lightweight and Counter-Balance

Pick up the new 804RC2 and you will be amazed at how light this full-featured, light-weight head can be.

Compared to the old 3030, the 804RC2 is 20 percent lighter! This weight savings is due to a new material called Adapto* specifically developed by Manfrotto for the use with high-end, professional imaging equipment.

Ergonics + World Calss Design

In photography, where image is everything, Manfrotto took this maxim to heart with the 804RC2. A modernized ll shape plus rounding of many of the traditional hard edges produced a fresh and elegant head. The new handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand even taking into consideration your fingers. There's even a new coating on the quick-release lever that is more durable and scratch resistant than ever!

Safety Spring

The 804RC2 head is also the first head in the world to use a counter spring system to help protect your equipment. Built into the forward/back tilt axis a fixed spring helps to absorb the shock of the full camera weight from crashing down. The spring also makes it easier to position the camera on this axis since it opposes some of the camera weight. For example, without the spring, if you are using a telephoto lens and tilt forward using a standard head, your arm needs to work hard to counteract the weight of the camera + lens. But, with the 804RC2's built-in spring, the head is actually doing most of the counter work for you thereby helping you to easily set the camera in shooting position.

This head is a replacement for the 3030.

*Adapto is a special technical polymer that is comparable to aluminum in strength but is 50 percent lighter. Compared to metals such as aluminum Adapto is an ideal material for photo imaging equipment as it has superb resistance to extreme temperatures and will not corrode or oxidize. Additionally, Adapto is an excellent vibration absorbing materials making the 804RC2 head an ideal companion to a MagFibre tripod for the ultimate in vibration free shots.

  • Finish -- Black
  • Material -- Adapto*
  • Maximum Load Capacity -- 8.8 lbs
  • Head Height -- 4.5 in
  • Tilt -- -30??ntal Tilt, -90??eral Tilt
  • Spring Counterbalance -- YES
  • QR Plate Supplied -- 3157N
  • Weight -- 1.7 lbs