LYNX Technik Testor - SDI Video and AES Audio Test Pattern Generator

LYNX Technik Testor - SDI Video and AES Audio Test Pattern Generator

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The LYNX Technik Testor PKG#1 is a very compact multi-format SDI video and AES test generator which can generate video test signals in SDI 525/625 plus a?wide selection of 1.5Gbit HDTV formats.?The unit Provides 2 independent video outputs simultaneously (both in the same video format ? but each can have different patterns assigned). Four external AES outputs are provided (also embedded) with adjustable frequency, audio gain, phase?and selectable momentary pause (silence) for left and right channels.

A host of industry standard video test patterns are included, including dynamic zone plates and the IRT audio sync test pattern. Additional static test patterns can be loaded via the compact flash slot (CF card supplied with additional patterns) User patterns can be loaded using the SMPTE DPX file format via the CF slot. Each SDI output can have an independent user defined character overlay. Genlock capability to SD Bi-level or HD Tri-level sync with cross lock capability plus 1 frame of adjustable timing. A Reference sync output plus Word clock (48KHz) output are also provided.

The module has an integrated display and menu system for local control, with full PC control when used with the included USB adapter and software.

This version of the module has BNC connectors for unbalanced AES3id audio.

Item Includes:
  • 1 x PTG 3610 B Test Generator
  • 1 x RPS 3601-U Power Supply
  • 1 x RCT 3601 USB Adapter + Software
  • 1 x CF Memory Card + Additional Patterns
  • 1 x Plastic Transport Case
  • Multi-format SDTV and HDTV (1.5Gbit).
  • Includes a library of static and dynamic test patterns.
  • Compact flash slot for additional patterns as well as user defined patterns.
  • 4 x external AES and embedded audio test signals.
  • AES outputs transformer coupled.
  • Adjustable AES tone frequency with selectable left / right channel pause.
  • Adjustable AES full scale level. (0dB FS to -60dB FS)
  • 2 simultaneous test pattern outputs (user selectable).
  • Character overlay (22 characters max) Color and position user definable.
  • Genlock capability with one frame of adjustable timing (in pixels and lines)
  • Bi-level or tri-level sync inputs and outputs with cross lock capability.
  • 48KHz Word clock reference output.
  • Microprocessor controlled with local display and setup menus.
  • Flash ram automatically stores settings through power cycles and long term storage
  • Integrated display shows selected pattern and status.
  • AC power supply included
  • PC Control using USB adapter and software (supplied)
  • All packaged in custom plastic transport case

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