Lowel Screw-In Stud (2)

Lowel Screw-In Stud (2)

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LSS-1 - Screw In Stud. Standard 5/8" Mounting Stud with Safety Undercut Screws Into Wooden Surfaces Such as the Top of Studio Sets to Support Small Lights, Flags, Flectors, etc. Set of 2.

CM-20 - Scissor Mount. Attaches Small Lights and Accessories to Grid and Dropped Ceilings in Offices and Other Areas. Use Gridlock (CM-21) Clamp with Pro-Light. Set of 2.

VIP-35S - Vipod with Stud-Link. Supports Small Lights on the Floor and Other Flat Surfaces. It can be Gaffer Taped, Screwed or Clamped to Vertical Surfaces. Stud-Link is Removable.

VIP-38 - Stud-Link. 5/8" Stud can be Screwed Into 1/4-20 Tapped Hole On Cameras.

VIP-41S - Cam-Link & Stud-Link. Holds an Omni. Locks Onto Camera Female Shoe.

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