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A high quality Image of Lowel Omni-Light Protective Screens for VIP lights

Lowel Omni-Light Protective Screens for VIP lights


Interchangeable 1000, 750 and 500W tungsten halogen lamps - 120V
Patented gull-wing reflector produces remarkably efficient output
Exceptionally wide, smooth beam angle
One unit can provide even illumination of four walls from the corner of a room
Mounting system: stand, wall/door mount, clamps
800W lamp - 220/240V
Basically non-focusing, however, reflecting doors offer some intensity and spread control
Light control system (not included): umbrella, gel frame, gels, small flags and others
Weighs only 21/4 lbs. (1.02kg)
Closes up compactly for storage/travel. Omni-Light Interchangeable 650, 600 and 420W tungsten halogen lamps - 120V
650W lamp - 220 and 240V
250W lamp - 30V (battery operation)
100W lamp - 12V (automobile and battery operation)
Unprecedented spot/flood focusing range
Interchangeable, special purpose reflectors
Uses many Tota-Light accessories
Light control system (not included): four way expandable barndoors, high intensity and other reflectors, umbrella, gel frame, gels, snoot, scrims, dichroic filter, cookaloris and others
Mounting system: stand, clamps, wall/door mount
Weighs only 25/8 lbs. (1.19kg). Lamps Sold Separately

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