Lowel BLN-912LB Blender AC/DC Pack - Sony

Lowel BLN-912LB Blender AC/DC Pack - Sony

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Maximum mobility for Run & Gun lighting, with the ability to quickly change color to suit the ambient light of the location.

The Lowel Blender Duo AC/DC pack comes with 1 Blender & AC Adaptor, your choice of camcorder Battery Sled (batteries not included), and a Handle & Stud, in the Blender Single Carry Bag.

Clip a Battery Sled to your belt, and mount Blender on the Handle & Stud for handheld lighting. Mount the second Blender on a stand or accessory mounting clamp of your choice.


  • 1 Lowel Blender complete (BLN-10)
  • 1 Sony camcorder Battery Sled (BSLD-12)
  • 1 Handle & Stud (ViP-431)
  • 1 Blender Single Carry Bag (LB-14)

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