LitePanels LP1-BCF 4-Light Kit with Bag & 4 Stands & 4 Gels

LitePanels LP1-BCF 4-Light Kit with Bag & 4 Stands & 4 Gels

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Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color is the first professionallight to utilize both 3200K and 5600K Degree LEDs in a single housing. This revolutionary new concept in lighting puts virtually unlimited color control right at your fingertips. Litepanels' ingenious design delivers soft, directional output in any color you desire - from cool white daylight to soft warm tungsten, or any temperature in between.

Until now, when cinematographers, videographers and still photographers faced achange of lighting conditions between daylight and tungsten, they've either had to change lighting systems entirely, re-lamp the fixture, or use light-robbing filtration. With the 1x1 Bi-Color, a single light fixture does it all.

Instantly Adjustable Color Source
To further expand the 1x1 Bi-Color's flexibility,the fixtures can vary the mix between tungstenand daylight LEDs to set the resulting colortemperature to any point between 3200?d5600?olor temperature can be dialed in byusing either the onboard dial or digital color temperature settings, or via a DMX lightingcontroller. Thus the Bi-Color user can makequick adjustments to match unusual mixes ofcolor temperature, or to enhance skin tones.

Highly Controllable & Power Efficient
1x1 Bi-Color LED fixtures feature Litepanels' fullrange integrated dimmer that enables instantdimming from 0 to 100 percent with minimumshift in color. It provides the same low powerrequirements, less than 10 percent of the electricity needed to power standard lighting fixtures. Because Litepanels fixtures generate practically no heat at all, there is an additional savings in the energy required for air conditioning.

Sophisticated Slimline Design for Multiple Mounting Options
The 1x1 Bi-Color's modular design makes it easyto customize the lighting configuration to meet theshoot's requirements. Its smart, slimline profile,just 12" W x 12" H x 1.75" D (30.48cm x30.48cm x 43mm), makes the 1x1 Bi-Color idealfor lighting in tight spots, and the fixtures can bepowered from a variety of 10-18V sources,including an optional battery, car battery, or ACadapter. The 1.75 hour lithium-ion battery packprovides untethered mobility.


  • 4 - Bi-Color Flood 3200K to 5600K LED 1X1 Panels
  • 1 - Soft Carrying Case for LP1x1 4-Lite Kit
  • 4 - 3 Riser Fold-up Stands
  • 4 - 6 Pack Gels with Case for Tungsten Fixtures (Blue)

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