Listen LR-42 IR Stethoscope 4-Channel Receiver

Listen LR-42 IR Stethoscope 4-Channel Receiver

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The LR-42 stethoscope receiver is a very easy to use, comfortable and user friendly. This all-in-one receiver can receive up to four (4) channels in mono or stereo. It uses standard AAA alkaline batteries for more than 30 hours of use, or a NiMH rechargeable battery pack that delivers 15 hours of use per charge. The unit features auto shut-off after 30 minutes of no audio carrier, further extending battery life. The LR-42 boasts high performance audio specs in a small package and is compatible with other manufacturers' products. The LR-42 is used for government compliance (such as ADA), assistive listening, language interpretation, live theatre, houses of worship, courtrooms, secure rooms and auditory description.


  • Secure wireless communication - ideal for applications where isolation of the signal is important or where security is a concern
  • Stylish, all-in-one unit stetho design - no wires to tangle for easy distribution
  • Receives up to four (4) channels mono or stereo - provides outstanding performance with crystal clear sound
  • Uses standard AAA batteries (available anywhere) or rechargeable Listen NiMH battery pack - gives you ultimate flexibility in managing battery life
  • Auto shut-off feature (after 30 minutes of no carrier) - saves battery life
  • Ear tips can be easily cleaned or replaced


  • LR-42 IR Stethoscope 4-Channel Receiver
  • LA-152 IR Receiver Battery Compartment (Non-Charging)
  • Quick Reference Card

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