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Link Electronics Modem OP/2 Optional Internal Telephone Modem

Link Electronics

Link Electronics Modem OP/2 Optional Internal Telephone Modem


Link Electronics PTC-892 Closed Caption Encoder

The PTC-892 is captioning encoder, decoder, anddata recover capable of inserting, decoding, andrecovering data of captions and text for NTSC/PALfor the following signals: composite, Y/C, S-video,RGB, YUV, and SDI.

Captioning and text may be inserted (encoded) ineither field of the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI).That inserted data may be displayed as opencaptions through the decoder output(s). Inaddition, caption data on the incoming or outgoingvideo may be recovered from either field of the VBI.This data can be sent to another encoder, to alanguage translation machine or program then reencoded,or to be captured by a program to bemanipulated. Each of these important functions(encoding, decoding, and data recovery) may bedone silmultaneously. Each of these functions canbe controlled by the front panel menus or by serialcommunications.

Inputs and outputs are provided for both SD SDIand SD analog, including composite, Y/C, S-video,YUV and RGB. The power loss feature bypassesthe composite analog and SDI when AC power tothe PTC-892 fails.

In response to the FCC mandated requirements,captions shall not interfere with emergency crawls.The PTC-892 incorporates a weather-lift featurethat moves the caption up to 4 lines, whenever acontact-closure is detected on its GPI input. Thenumber of lines can be controlled by the front panelor by software commands.

The serial communication port(s) allow for remotecaptioning. The dual ports allow multipleencoders to be controlled at once, a back upcommunication port, or to do data recovery out ofits ports. Port 1 is either a "B" type USB port orRS-232 port. Port 2 is either a RS-232 port or anoptional modem. Both ports can be set to havedifferent baud rates (1200, 2400, 4800, 9600,19200, 38400) independently through the frontpanel menus.

RS-232 port 2 will not go down to a baud rate of1200, because new modems will not allow this.When the optional modem goes off-hook, it takespriority over the RS-232 port 2. The RS-232 port 2control is restored when the modem hangs up.

Front panel LEDs show the unit status withNTSC/PAL detection, modem status, encodeon/off, video presence detection, negative pedestalon/off, serial data detection, and LTC detection.Front panel push buttons allow the user to selectinput, select output, perform an encoder test, andbypass the encoder.

The PTC-892 is V-chip technology compliant andTSID ready. Link Electronics is incorporating thistechnology in the firmware of the PTC-892. ThePTC-892 handles automatic repetition of the "VChip"data and can interweave it with existing line21 closed captioning data.

The PTC-892 has a Longitudinal Time Code (LTC)input for precise caption timing with the video. Afront panel Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)shows various functions and menus. A rotaryoptical encoder, front panel knob, provides easyselection of the various operating and set-upfunctions.

  • V-Chip compatible & TSID ready
  • Dual RS-232 com ports
  • LTC input & "B" Type USB port
  • Detailed front panel display with menus
  • Data Recovery of both caption & text
  • Weather Lift up to 4 lines
  • SD SDI/analog encoded outputs
  • User selectable data recovery modes
  • Firmware version viewed from front panel
  • User, power-up, and factory default settings
  • SD analog decoded outputs including component
  • Optional Modem w/ RI, OH, and CD indication
  • User selectable encode modes, including newswire
  • SD SDI to SD analog conversion
  • Auto Detection of NTSC/PAL
  • Encodes both caption and text

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