Lightel ViewConn 6200 Plus Package Fiber Optic Video Microscope with CI-1100 Probe

Lightel ViewConn 6200 Plus Package Fiber Optic Video Microscope with CI-1100 Probe

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Lightel Technologies ViewConn 6200 Plus Package Fiber Optic Video Microscope with CI-1100 Probe

The VC-6200-PL is a portable hand-held video microscope, ruggedized for field use, for inspecting and cleaning fiberoptic connector endfaces. The dual microscope operation significantly reduces inspection time allowing inspection of both patchcord and bulkhead adapters without changing tips. For single mode and multimode connectors.

The ViewConn Plus dual microscope design can significantly reduce inspection time. Patchcords drop into the top mounted scope, and with the flip of a switch, you can inspect in-adapter connectors with the hand held probe. In seconds, both male and female connector pairs can be inspected without changing tips.

Like all ViewConns, the VC-6200-PL has a built-in patchcord cleaner allowing you to inspect, clean and re-inspect the connector while helping keep your hands free. A USB output is included for image capture and storage on your PC.

  • Dual microscopes (built-in and probe) enable rapid inspection of patch cords and in bulkhead adapters at the flip of a switch.
  • Inspect and clean patch cords with one unit.
  • A large 3.5? built-in display screen.
  • USB2.0 connection for viewing, capture and documentation on Windows-based PCs and notebooks. Easy-to use software included. Optional Pass/Fail software available.
  • Replaceable cleaning cassette attached.
  • Ruggedized cover.
  • AC or rechargeable AA battery operation for use in any location.
  • Field of View: ' 425um x 320um
  • Resolution: 0.5?m detectable
  • Focus: Manual Adjustment, 2 mm max travel
  • Light source: Blue LED
  • Display: 3.5? TFT-LCD, 960 x 240 pixels
  • Controls: Adjustable brightness and contrast
  • Power supply: 4 AA rechargeable batteries or AC power supply
  • Battery life: 4 hours
  • Charger & AC adapter: US, EU, UK and Australian versions available
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 95mm x 30mm (without cover)
  • Weight: 350g (without battery)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 Degrees C to 50 Degrees C
  • Storage Temperature: -20 Degrees C to 70 Degrees C
Item Includes:
  • 1 VC-6200 unit with a CleanConn CC-1 cleaner module mounted
  • 1 Universal tip for 2.5mm male PC connectors*
  • 1 Universal tip for 1.25mm male PC connectors*
  • 1 4x AA battery set
  • 1 4x AA battery charger
  • 1 AC to 6V DC power adapter
  • 1 Spare CC-1 module
  • 1 CD for USB video driver & display/capture software
  • 1 USB2.0 mini-B cable (ViewConn to computer)
  • 1 Ruggedized cover
  • 1 CI-1100 handset probe
  • 1 SC/PC and FC/PC probe tip for bulkheads**
  • 1 LC/PC probe tip for bulkheads**
  • *APC and dedicated SMA905, LC, MU and SC/APC ViewConn tips are available for the VC-6200-PL.
  • **Additional Series 2 tips are available for the VC-6200-PL probe.

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