Leprecon LPC-48V 48 Channel Console w/ 19 Inch Touch Screen

Leprecon LPC-48V 48 Channel Console w/ 19 Inch Touch Screen

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1024 DMX output channels and 512 channels of control, the LPC series is the perfect DMX lighting control console for users who desire a back to basics approach in a lighting control desk. The LPC series with Version 2 software are designed to be ?easy to use? lighting control desks with integrated conventional, LED and moving light control.

The LPC-24S Lil? Wing is a smaller, more compact design of the LPC console. Designed to be used with a Laptop or PC, the LPC-24S Lil' Wing control surface is a powerful yet intuitive solution where space is limited or affordability is desired.


  • 1 Scene, 2 Scene Preset, Submaster & Cue Stack operation
  • 512 control channels
  • 1024 DMX outputs
  • 6 ?Quick Look? memories with fade times
  • Built-in ML/LED fixture library
  • Color, Beam, Intensity, Focus effects
  • Touch screen programming via 15? or 19? ELO monitor
  • 48 or 96 single scene faders
  • 20 pages x 24 or 48 submaster memories
  • 999 Cue stack memories
  • Graphical cue timing display. Includes: Up and Down, Follow & Wait timing parameters
  • Run multiple chases including chase ?Blend? mode
  • 1000 channel groups
  • Bump modes include: Solo, Add and Latch w/ Fade


  • USB port (3 total)
  • Ethernet (future upgrade)
  • Video - VGA out
  • DMX Line A-512 channels
  • DMX Line B-512 channels
  • AC Power 100-240V w/IEC power cord
  • Optional wireless DMX by W-DMX
  • Littlite Worklamp 4 pin XLR connector (2)


  • Ships with power cord
  • Vinyl cover
  • 2-12-Inch 4 pin XLR right angle Littlite brand gooseneck lamps

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