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Leader Signal Generator SD-SDI Module w/SD Digital Black Outputs

Leader Instruments Corporation

Leader Signal Generator SD-SDI Module w/SD Digital Black Outputs


SD-SDI Module with Digital Black al Black For LT443D

The LT443D-SDB is a standard definition modular signal generator covering 525/625 formats of 4:2:2 omponentSD-SDI signals. Two SD-SDI test signal outputs plus two SD-SDI digital black outputs add additional standard definition capability to the LT 443D mainframe. The digital black outputs can be set as 0%, 40% or 50% flat field raster to distinguish them from no signal condition. They have the same embedded audio capabilities as the SD-SDI test outputs. System timing of all four outputs relative to the internal frame reference signal is in vertical lines, horizontal dots or sec increments.

System stress testing is standard allowing step through of all test patterns except check field, while at the same time scrolling patterns at a predefined direction and at predefined vertical and horizontal rates. This is a useful test for system motion artifact visibility under worst-case conditions. Full-embedded digital audio for groups 1&2 or 3&4 is included in the SDI test outputs. Each audio channel can be set to an independent frequency from 30 different spot frequencies or digital silence. This makes it easy to verify a 50 Hz Lfe channel will pass through a codec or system. System reference levels can be set from 0 dBfs to -60 dBfs in 1 dB increments for each channel. Emphasis is selectable along with 20 or 24 bit resolution click time signal conditions.

Source identification allows up to twenty characters on one line with selectable position, size, and brightness. Blink on and off times are selectable to verify live as opposed to frozen frame conditions.

The natural picture option allows downloading of up to five SD custom photos logos or test patterns, which have been converted from bmp to img file format to internal memory in the main frame when Option 70 is installed in the mainframe. Patterns can be prepared in advance copied to a CF card and transferred via the front panel CF card socket to store to internal memory.

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