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Leader LV7330 Multi SDI Rasterizer

Leader Instruments Corporation

Leader LV7330 Multi SDI Rasterizer


Leader LV7330 Multi SDI Rasterizer

The LV 7330 is a highly functional, compact, light-weight SDI rasterizerthat boasts exceptional cost performance.
When the LV 7330 is connected to an external XGA monitor, it candisplay the picture of an HD-SDI or SD-SDI signal in addition to videosignal waveforms, vectors, audio data, and data analyses of the signal.The LV 7330 also comes standard-equipped with CINELITE II, aconvenient tool for analyzing luminance data.


  • SDI I/OThe LV 7330 has two SDI input connectors that can be used forboth HD-SDI and SD-SDI input. It also has an SDI output connectorthat you can use to send a reclocked SDI signal.
  • DVI OutputThe various LV 7330 displays are transferred through a DVI-Iconnector to an XGA (1024 _~ 768) display. The LV 7330 also usesa squeeze method to support aspect ratios of 16:9 (1366 _~ 768)and 15:9 (1280 _~ 768).
  • CINELITE IIThe LV 7330 comes standard-equipped with CINELITE II(CINELITE and CINEZONE), which is a video signal luminance informationanalysis tool.With CINELITE, you can use the cursor to select any 3 points anddisplay their f-Stop numbers, percentage values, and level values.You can choose to analyze a single pixel or a small area bysetting the size of the measured area to 1 pixel or to the averagevalue for 9 or 81 pixels.With CINEZONE, you can display the luminance levels in the pictureusing different colors. This allows you to quickly determinethe overall luminance distribution in the picture, and it makes iteasy to spot overexposure, underexposure, and different luminancelevels in dark areas.
  • Picture DisplayThe LV 7330 has a wide assortment of SDI signal picture displayfeatures including zoom, various safety markers, and brightness,contrast, and chroma adjustment. The LV 7330 also supportsCEA/EIA-608 closed captioning and superimposition.
  • Video Signal Waveform DisplayThe LV 7330 uses fully digital waveform display processing toachieve high precision and quality. From video signal waveformdisplay gain expansion, sweep expansion, and cursor measurementto pseudo-composite and RGB displays, the LV 7330 hasall of the features that people look for in a waveform monitor. TheLV 7330 is equipped with an external sync signal input and it candisplay video signal waveforms based on a tri-level sync signal oran NTSC or PAL black burst signal.
  • Vector DisplayThe LV 7330 can display component chrominance signal vectors.The amplitude can be manually zoomed, or set to a fixed magnificationvalue such as five. The IQ axes, which are useful for vectorobservation, can be turned on and off.
  • 5 Bar DisplayThe LV 7330 can display the peak levels of the Y, R, G, B andpseudo-composite signals.This feature is useful for monitoring gamut errors.
  • Audio DisplayThe LV 7330 can extract the audio signal embedded in an SDIsignal and display level meters, Lissajous curves, and surroundsoundimages for up to eight channels. The LV 7330 alsosupports external digital audio input, for which it can display atwo-channel level meter and Lissajous curves. The level metersupports loudness metering and is useful for managing thevolume level experienced by the listener.* The resolution of SD-SDI audio quantization is up to 20 bits.
  • Stereo Headphone OutputThe LV 7330 can extract the audio signal embedded in an SDIsignal. You can select two channels from the extracted audio andtransmit them in stereo through the headphone output connector.
  • Status DisplayThe status display has a number of advanced features, includingSDI signal error detection and analysis features.
  • Time Code DisplayThe LV 7330 can decode SMPTE RP-188 time codes (LTC orVITC) and display them. These codes can be used as timestampsin the event log.
  • Screen CaptureThe display can be captured. Captured displays can be viewedor superimposed over an input signal. Captured displays can besaved in internal memory (RAM) or USB memory or sent to a PCthrough an Ethernet connection as bitmap data.
  • Presets SettingsThe LV 7330 can remember up to 30 frequently used settingconfigurations. The configurations can be recalled easily fromthe front panel or using commands sent through the Ethernet orremote connector.
  • Remote ConnectorYou can recall presets by sending commands through the remoteconnector. Also, a tally light can be displayed on the screen.
  • Ethernet ConnectorFrom a PC connected to the LV 7330 through the Ethernet connector,you can recall presets, execute panel operations, transferfiles, and monitor errors.
  • Last MemoryThe LV 7330 backs up the current settings so that you can usethe same settings that you were using before immediately afterpowering it up.
  • Power SupplyThe LV 7330 has an XLR DC input connector and runs on a 12-VDC power supply.

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