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Leader LV5770 Multi-SDI Monitor

Leader Instruments Corporation

Leader LV5770 Multi-SDI Monitor


Leader LV5770 Multi-SDI Monitor
A long awaited, reasonably priced solution for 3G/HD/SD-SDI test and monitoring applications, our new LV5770 Multi-Monitor simultaneously monitors two 3G/HD/SD-SDI sources and displays picture, waveform, vector, 5-Bar, Cinelite and status individually or in various screen combinations. Optional digital and analog audio I/O provides for built-in de-embed and digital to analog audio conversion. Eye pattern monitoring and composite input options round out this very affordable test solution.

  • Accepts Two 3G/HD/SD-SDI Sources And Provides Picture, Waveform, Vector, CINELITE, 5-Bar and Status Displays
  • Individually and In Various Screen Combinations.
  • Built-In XGA Display (1024 x 768) For Superb, Crisp Waveforms And Picture Representations.
  • Autonomous Monitoring & Error Detection; Alarm For Audio Silence/Video Freeze & Video Black.
  • Ethernet Connectivity Allows For Remote Control Over The Web; Supports TELNET, FTP and SNMP.
  • Platform Can Monitor And Display Two Sources At The Same Time In Two or Four Split Screen Displays.
  • Supports Options Including Data Analysis, Physical Layer Testing with Eye Pattern And Can Be Updated As Needed.
  • Ethernet Connectivity Allows For Remote Control Over The Web; Supports TELNET, FTP and SNMP.
  • Universal AC Power Supply Allows For World-Wide Use.
  • Eye Pattern & Jitter Measurement Capabilities (Option 09) For Evaluating The Condition Of SDI Feeds; SMPTE Recommended Filters And Auto-Measurement Is Provided.
  • Digital Audio Capabilities (Option 41) Permit Audio Analysis and Output of Embedded Audio; 16 Channels Of AES/EBU Can Be Set Up As Inputs or Outputs; 8 Channels Input and 8 Channels Output Configuration Is Also Available (Menu Selectable).
  • Analog Audio Capabilities (Option 42) Provide For 8 Channels Of Analog Audio (In or Out). The Selected Digital Audio Can Be Converted And Output As Analog Audio. (Option 42 requires the presence of Option 41).
  • Dolby Digital Support And Dolby Metadata Analysis Is Available As Option 41D.
  • Two Composite Inputs (Option 03) With Switched Monitor Output Provide Picture, Waveform & Vector Test Screens For NTSC & PAL Composite Systems.

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