Leader DVI-I Output Option for LT450

Leader DVI-I Output Option for LT450

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Leader LT450 Multi Format Pattern Generator

The LT 450 is a DTV-compatible multiformat pattern signal generator equipped with analog component and composite outputs and digital outputs. It generates monoscope, color bar, ramp, crosshatch, multiburst, character, and other test patterns. You can add additional digital outputs such as DVI-I and HDMI and analog outputs such as a SCART connector by ordering option units.

  • Multiformat Support:
    With the formats available on the LT 450, you can test most video displays, including television sets, PC monitors, and projectors.

    The LT 450 supports 19 component output formats, 8 composite output formats, and 5 PC monitor formats.

  • HDMI Output:
    The LT 450 is equipped with an HDMI connector, which is a digital interface used in household televisions and set-top boxes. It can be used to check HDCP-compliant copyrightprotection functions and to make simple checks on the CEC and DDC functions (pass/fail results can be displayed on screen). Simple checks can be made simultaneously on up to seven outputs (when option units are installed).

  • G, B, R and Y, PB, PR Signal Outputs:
    Analog and digital component outputs can be switched between G, B, R and Y, PB, PR signal formats.

  • S Connector:
    Equipped with an S connector for Y/C separation signal output. An ID signal is superimposed on the C signal.

  • D Connector:
    Equipped with a JEITA CP-4120 D5 output. Supports ID signals (lines 1, 2, and 3).

  • RGB Connector:
    Equipped with a mini D-sub 15-pin connector, which is an analog interface for PC monitors.

  • DVI-I Output:
    Equipped with a DVI-I connector, which is a digital interface for PC monitors. It can be used to check HDCP-compliant copyright protection functions and to make simple checks onthe DDC function.

  • Sync Signal Outputs:
    Equipped with sync signal connectors that transmit CS (trilevel or binary), HD, and VD signals.

  • Analog Audio Output:
    The frequency (400 Hz or 1 kHz) can be set and the output can be turned off separately for left and right channels.

  • Simple Motion Picture:
    You can make any test pattern into a simple motion picture pattern by scrolling it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

  • Variable Output Level Feature:
    The video signal level and the analog sync signal level can be adjusted separately in the range of 0 to 100 percent.

  • Closed Caption and Teletext:
    Supports closed captions. Teletext (VBI), CGMS, and WSS will be supported in the future.

  • Remote control via RS232C:
    The LT 450 can be remotely controlled from a PC

  • Preset/Recall Features:
    Up to 100 panel settings can be stored and recalled.
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