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Kramer Tools 401C S-Video DA/Converter


Kramer Tools 401C S-Video DA/Converter


The KRAMER 401C is a full bandwidth, state-of-the-art 1:2 s-Video Distribution Amplifier and a Y/C to Composite Video Converter DA. Part of the KRAMER TOOLS family, it is designed for studio and other demanding applications. The 401C splits a single input source into two identical outputs with no discernible signal degradation and at the same time encodes the Y/C input into two additional Composite Video outputs. Video output and input signals are AC coupled for maximum flexibility. The 401C is fed via an external 12V DC feed and, housed in the small KRAMER TOOLS enclosure, it is perfect for field use.

Technical Specifications:
  • INPUT: One S-Video (Y/C), Y=1 Vpp/75 Ohm, C=0.3 Vpp/75 Ohm on a 4P connector
  • OUTPUTS: 2 S-Video (Y/C), Y=1 Vpp/75 Ohm, C=0.3 Vpp/75 Ohm on 4P connectors; 2
  • Composite Video, 1Vpp/75 Ohm on a BNC
  • VIDEO BANDWIDTH: Exceeding 160 MHz (Y channel)
  • DIFF. GAIN: 0.05%
  • NON LINEARITY: Less than 0.05%
  • DIFF. PHASE: 0.03 Deg.
  • VIDEO S/N RATIO: Better than 80 dB (Y channel)
  • K-FACTOR: 0.1%
  • DIMENSIONS: 12cm X 7.5cm X 2.5cm (W, D, H.)
  • POWER SOURCE: 12 VDC 60 mA

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