Kings 0345-E00-C7101N 75 Ohm 2-Piece DIN 1.0/2.3 Connector for Belden 1505A

Kings 0345-E00-C7101N 75 Ohm 2-Piece DIN 1.0/2.3 Connector for Belden 1505A

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Kings brand DIN 1.0/2.3 RF coaxial connector for Belden 1505A, Gepco VPM2000, or equivalent. This addition to our connector offering, with the KINGS brand reputation for high quality and high reliability, will provide an exceptional product that features a quick connect Push/Pull coupling system for easy mating.

The 7201N is the Point and Shoot version which has a fixed center contact. The cable center conductor is inserted directly into the fixed contact and the braid is crimped on.

These high performance connectors are available in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm versions capable of operating up to 10 GHz and a mating life of 500 cycles. The compact design allows for dense packaging, ideally suited for applications where space is limited. This series complies with CCCE 22230, DIN 41626, and DIN 47297 specifications.

  • Mates with DIN Connectors used on Evertz, NVision and Miranda routers
  • Quick connect Push/Pull system.
  • Locking mechanism that will not vibrate loose as threaded connectors are prone to do.
  • When mated, the connectors can rotate 360?
  • Allows for connectors to be 2-3 times more densely packed than BNC's
  • Operation up to 10 GHz.
  • Supports 3Gbps HD SDI SMPTE 424M applications.
  • Uses existing tooling.
  • Crimp center contact.
  • Designed For Use With Belden 1505a Cable Or Equivalent.
  • Compliant To Smpte 424m (3g-Sdi) Standard.
  • Contact And Ferrule Shipped Loose.
  • Interface Per Cecc 22230.
  • Crimp Ferrule (.255 Hex) And Contact (.042 Hex) Use Kings Kth-2261.
  • Assemble To Cable Per Cap-E03.Material Specifications:
  • Body, Center Contact & Ferrule: Brass Per Astm B16.
  • Outer Contact : Copper Alloy.
  • Insulator: Teflon Per Astm D1710.
  • Finish Specifications:
  • Body & Ferrule: .000100 Min Nickel Per Ams-Qq-N-290 Over Copper Flash Per Astm B734 (Rohs).
  • Contact: .000030 Min Gold Per Astm B488 Over .000080 Min Nickel Per Ams-Qq-N-290 (Rohs).
  • Electrical Specifications:
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Frequency Range: Dc-6.0 Ghz.
  • Return Loss:

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