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IndiPro Tools INDIGUNR Two Handle DSLR Support Rig

IndiPro Tools

IndiPro Tools INDIGUNR Two Handle DSLR Support Rig


IndiPRO Tools' DSLR Gunner Two-Handle Camera Rig With Viewfinder is a rig made from machined aluminum and designed for use with a DSLR camera. The rig is built on a standard 15mm rod platform with rachet levers that allow for quick adjustments along 3 axes. The included gunstock and hand grips (two) are also adjustable using tension knobs. The included 3x magnification viewfinder allows you to frame your shots with precision. This rig is designed for the ability to make rapid adjustments in fluid shooting situations--having two hand grips provides critical additional stability. Gunstock and two hand grips are included The Gunner is adjustable along three axes A 3x magnification viewfinder is included




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