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Hellermann Tyton EVO 7SP Mechanical Cable Tie Short Span Hand Tool


Hellermann Tyton EVO 7SP Mechanical Cable Tie Short Span Hand Tool


EVO tools have redefined the cable tie application tool, by combining durability, precision and control with unparalleled comfort. Manufactured with high-performance materials and components, the EVO 7 has been proven to outperform and outlast other professional manual tools on the market. The EVO 7's innovative, ergonomic design minimizes the stress on hands and wrists and "kickback" that occur with traditional tools, reducing the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

At the heart of each EVO Series hand tool lies our patented Tension/Lock/Cut (TLC) technology, which revolutionizes how cable ties are cut. The key is TLC's ability to lock each tie in place prior to cutting. What's important is:

1)There's no jarring impact to the user, dramatically reducing fatigue related injuries
2)The locking mechanism detects when the desired tension is met to ensure consistent cutting
3)The tie is cut at precisely the tension you select for a clean, flush cut at the tie head

We pay just as much attention to the housing as the internal components. The patented air cushion handle and soft grip, full-length trigger are shaped to be easy on your hands while also facilitating exceptional fastening performance.

Built using metal injected components, high quality materials and cutting edge surface treatments and encased by an impact-resistant housing, EVO tools will stand up to the toughest industrial environments. When used in combination with HellermannTyton's superior line of highly-engineered cable ties, the EVO Series sets the new standard for safe and efficient cable tie installation. HellermannTyton cable ties are engineered to our exacting standards and manufactured from high-grade materials for long-lasting reliability and superior tensile strength.

Recommended Cable Ties: T18, T30, T40, T50, T80, IT18, IT50.


  • Patent-pending Tension/Lock/Cut Technology (TLC) technology delivers a "true" flush cut for a safer installation with no protrusions to damage neighboring components
  • The advanced operating system of the TLC technology provides operational reliability and durability resulting in fewer repairs and an extended lifespan; eases wear and tear on tool components
  • Contoured soft trigger and air-cushion handle keeps the wrist in an upright, neutral position providing greater operator control; minimizes slippage
  • Lightweight tool with the most technologically-advanced ergonomic design for reducing work-related risks such as fatigue and injury that effect productivity
  • Available in two trigger spans, Standard 3.5" (90 mm) and Short 3.1 (80 mm), to accommodate different hand sizes for better operator command with less force and fatigue
  • Operating function offers 33 precise pre-set, easy-to-read settings (with 1/4" increments) that reduce subjectivity or the need for fine tuning.
  • Tension lock-in mechanism eliminates operator ability to change tension setting for critical applications
  • The greater tension range satisfies a variety of applications with just one tool
  • Wide tapered tie entry allows for easy insertion of each tie for improving productivity and streamlining the process of moving from one tie to another quickly
  • Revolutionary tool that can be used to fasten all variations of HellermannTyton's 18 - 80 pound cable ties selected as suitable for any application or situation

  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Electrical control panel
  • Industrial automation
  • Medical equipment
  • Wire Harness

  • Compatible Cable Tie Series
  • T18, T30, T40, T50, T80, IT18, IT50


  • Recommended Cable Ties: T18, T30, T40, T50, T80, IT18, IT50
  • Tie Range: 18 - 80 lb. ties
  • Tension Setting Tools: Adjustable
  • Cable Tie Width Max: 0.19 "

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