Gepco GA72404GFC Gep-Flex 4-Pair 24 AWG Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio Cable per Foot

Gepco GA72404GFC 24 AWG Mic or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio Cable

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Gepco GA72404GFC Gep-Flex Multipair 24 AWG Mic or Line Level Balanced 4-Pair Analog Audio Cable
A thin-profile version of the Gepcor Brand easy-strip multipair, the GA724 series was designed for low noise and attenuation and is durable, easy to terminate and UL listed. A high-grade polyethylene dielectric minimizes high frequency attenuation, while excellent process control and tight pair twisting achieve superior noise rejection. Color coded and alphanumerically printed pairs facilitate easy channel identification, and the GEPFLEX master jacket is both flexible and easy to pull through conduit. The 24-gauge conductors are easier to terminate while still maintaining low DCR. The GA724 series is ideal for cable assemblies, patchbay wiring or portable snakes.

  • Ideal for Patchbay Wiring & Multi-Pin Cable Assemblies
  • Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio
  • Studio Interconnect, Portable Snakes or Permanent Installation
  • Low Attenuation & Crosstalk
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Terminate
  • Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Individually Shielded & Jacketed Pairs
  • Color Coded & Alphanumeric Pair Identification
  • Additional Overall Foil Shield
  • All-Weather GEP-FLEX Master Jacket
  • CM Rated
  • Nominal OD 0.405"
  • Conductors: 24 AWG (7x32) Stranded TC
  • Insulation/Color Code: PE, 0.008" Wall/Red & Black
  • Pair Shield:100% Foil (Bonded)
  • Pair Drain: 24 AWG (7x32) Stranded TC
  • Pair Jacket (Type, OD)/ Color Code: PVC, 0.115"/Black
  • Overall Shield: 100% Foil
  • Overall Common Drain: 20 AWG (19x32) Stranded TC
  • Master Jacket: Riser GEP-FLEX TPE, Black
  • UL Type: CM

Sold in 50 Foot Increments Only!

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