Galaxy Audio AS-HSE-OBG-SEN Lightweight Headset Omni Beige CBL-SEN-BG

Galaxy Audio AS-HSE-OBG-SEN Lightweight Headset Omni Beige CBL-SEN-BG

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Galaxy Audio AS-HSE-OBG-SEN Lightweight Headset; Omni; Beige; CBL-SEN-BG
The microphone works great with many wireless transmitters available. Detachable cables are available to use the HSE with transmitters made by Shure®, Sennheiser®, AKG®, Audio Technica®, Galaxy Audio®. Plus we can also wire the HSE to work with nearly every other brand out there. You can also use the microphone with most PC sound cards (adaptor not included). Also, our JIB/PB may be used if a wireless transmitter is not available or needed. The JIB/PB will supply phantom power (if needed) to the headset and adapt the mini connector on the headset to a standard XLR connector so it can be attached to a soundboard. The JIB/PB is GREAT for those situations where wireless is not needed.

The soft microphone stem allows for easy adjustment of the microphone's position as you wear the headset.

The super lightweight design makes wearing the microphone more comfortable, even for long periods of time, without using excessive pressure to hold the microphone in place.

  • Rests on One Ear
  • Flexible for Easy Formation
  • 3.5mm Omni or 9.75mm Uni Element
  • 4" Mic Boom Length
  • Freq. Response:
    • Omni..20Hz-20kHz
    • Uni.....70Hz-16kHz
  • Beige, Black or Cocoa
  • 1.5mm Thick Detachable Cable
  • Windscreen

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