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Gaffers Tape WGT3-60 3 Inch x 55 Yards - White


Gaffers Tape WGT3-60 3 Inch x 55 Yards - White


World's Best Gaffers Tape - This is Not Sales Hype! TecNec gaffers tape gets rave reviews amongst purists who know the difference. The truth is, this stuff sticks & removes better than anything on the market. The cloth base is firm, yet pliable and tears into precision size pieces when needed. Tons of uses in the studio & field. When it comes to gaffers tape - this stuff is incredible. Use it to tape lights to walls, cables to floors, hold scenery & props together, label feeds, splice cables, position mics, seal road cases, shut up critics, on & on & on....... No glare finish. Truly the lifesaver of the audio & video industry. Roll size: 3" x 60 yards. Priced Per Roll. Quantity Pricing on Standard Gaffers Tape: 16+ Rolls (Case)

OTHER SIZES? You bet! 1", 2", and 4" also available. Search BGT1-60, BGT-60 and BGT4-60

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