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FloLight LED Daylight Flood Lighting Fixture MicroBeam 512 No Plate


FloLight LED Daylight Flood Lighting Fixture MicroBeam 512 No Plate


MicroBeam 512 : High Powered LED Video Light

The New MicroBeam-512 by FloLight offers the rare combination of both high light output, and very high CRI Daylight. The CRI is 93, and the color temperature is Daylight, approx. 5600K. There is a 30 degree beamspread from the LEDs which are rated at 25,000 hours. The light output levels are more than double our previous offering! On mains with the supplied adapter, with Mains @ 120VAC the unit consumes 48.5W, 0.6A and has a power factor of 0.7.

Yes, you read correctly, we said it is 93 CRI, an exceptional result. We traded off a slightly reduced lifespan, now at 25,000 hours when designing this specialized new 5mm LED - it was certainly worth it for this seismic leap, the first high CRI LED videolight at a reasonable price.

    Microbeam 512 Features
  • 512 Ultra Bright Daylight LEDs
  • Equivalent to a Powerful 500W "Hot Light"
  • Full Dimming Control
  • Mounting Yoke
  • Optional V-Mount Battery Adapter
  • External 12 VDC Input
  • 110-240 VAC Power Adapter Included
  • Removable Filterholder Included
  • 5,340 lux @ 3' / 0.9m
  • 1,340 lux @ 6' / 1.8m
  • 590 lux @ 9' / 2.7m
  • Uses Only 50W of Energy
  • Weights Just 5 lbs / 2.3 kg
  • 12" wide, 3" deep (including switches) , and 6" high.305mm wide, 76mm deep (including switches) , and 152mm high.


    Battery Plate: You May order this product with either no Battery Plate, or a V-Mount Battery Plate. If you do not see your prefered choice it is out of stock at this time.
    ,br / >Color Temperature: At this time only Daylight is available.

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